Kerello's Liposome Technology.

In skin care as in life, real change happens below the surface – but only 10% of active ingredients in most skin care products ever reach below the top layer of skin. The rest? They just evaporate. But what if we told you that a weekly face mask could revolutionise your skin care routine?

Kerello’s face mask uses liposome technology to deliver its ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. There, they can stimulate collagen production and jump-start the skin’s natural repair process in just 15 minutes – and they can pave the way for other products to work their magic, too.

So, what is a liposome and why is it useful? Here’s how it all works.

What are liposomes?

Picture a gel capsule that surrounds a vitamin supplement. The capsule keeps the ingredients contained, so they don’t rub off on your fingers and they can’t oxidise in contact with the air. When it reaches your gut, the gel around the outside dissolves, releasing the nutrients inside so that you can digest them.

Liposomes work a bit like that gel coating, but on a microscopic scale – they are tiny bubbles that can be used to contain tiny doses of ingredients and release them gradually where they’re needed.

They were originally created to transport medicine around the body, but dermatologists discovered that they could also be made small enough to penetrate the surface layer of skin and reach the dermis below, where its repair and maintenance processes happen.

Skin is essentially waterproof, which means water-based substances simply won’t get past the stratum corneum. In order to penetrate it, the ingredients used in cosmetics need to have the properties of an oil or fat – a lipid.  

What are the benefits of Kerello's liposome technology?

Collagen and elastin, the structures in the skin that maintain its elasticity and firmness, are located in the dermis. They essentially act like pillars that prop up the skin and keep it firm. Lines start to form when the elastin and collagen in the dermis degrade.

Normal essence particles are 13.5 times the size of a Kerello liposome, meaning they are too big to pass through the epidermis and stimulate collagen production. So, while a non-liposome essence might soothe dry skin on the surface, the effects won’t last long and there’s no time for any real repair work to take place.

Even empty liposomes have hydrating qualities that can help reduce the appearance of skin aging, but Kerello uses its liposomes to encapsulate three key ingredients:

   1) Hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the skin and helps it regulate its levels of hydration.

   2) Matrixyl 3000, which stimulates the production of collagen, supporting the structure of the skin.

   3) Red quinoa extract, which helps even out uneven skin pigmentation and reduce the appearance of age spots.

These ingredients were chosen to soothe and hydrate the skin and tackle all visible signs of aging, and the liposome delivers them straight to where they can work best. The biocellulose mask forms a protective barrier that allows them to infuse the skin gradually.

How can we tell it works? Lab tests showed that over the course of four weeks, a product containing liposome was twice as effective at increasing skin moisture than the same product without liposomes. During those 4 weeks, liposome technology can help reduce wrinkles by 23% and skin hydration by 22%.

Liposomes also help to keep your skin looking great throughout the day and make it more receptive to other treatments. After 8 hours of using a serum paired with a liposome product, clinical trials showed that skin retained 18% more moisture than a control group using a liposome-free product.

How can I get the best out of Kerello's face mask?

Our masks start to work within five minutes, but we recommend that you keep them on for at least 15. As well as giving you plenty of space to relax and pamper yourself, this will give the active ingredients more time to penetrate the dermis and start stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Since the benefits of our masks only improve over time, we recommend treating yourself to a Kerello face mask at least once a week to get the best results.